Personal Brand Online? Protect It!

Building Your Personal Brand with Randy Hilarski.

Your Personal Brand Needs to Be Guarded! Every time we publish a blog post or participate on social media we are building our personal brand. Who do you associate with online? What we do online is permanent. Your personal brand is your most valuable asset, protect it! We Are All Building a Personal Brand Online. I am old enough to remember life before cell phones and the internet. Life was much more private up until the early 90’s. If I wanted to know what a friend was doing I had to make a phone call and hope that they picked … Continue reading

Panama Expat Living 4 Years and Counting.

Randy Hilarski Panama Expat Living

Panama Expat Living After 4 Years It is truly hard to believe that I have been living in the Republic of Panama for over 4 years. It just seems like yesterday that I moved here leaving my former life behind. Panama Expat Living seems to be a perpetual vacation. Is it tough sometimes? Absolutely, but it is far better than the life that I left behind!   Every few weeks my wife Anabell and I meet someone new and make friends. The endless parade of like-minded expats making the move to Panama makes for an interesting life. I don’t know … Continue reading

How to Get a Panama Drivers License for Expats

Panama Drivers License Requirements

How to Get a Panama Drivers License for Expats Currently with a Foreign License. One of the biggest headaches while living in Panama is your Panama drivers license. They definitely do not make it easy for us to get our Panama drivers license. If you join any of the Panama expat communities on Facebook, Yahoo or the Panama Community on Google Plus. You are bound to meet someone who has questions about getting their Panama Drivers License. What are the Requirements for a Transferred Panama Drivers License.- Be a legal resident of Panama. Have a current drivers license from another country … Continue reading

Real Time Bidding Plus Search Ads for Success

Big Data Plus Real Time Bidding and Search Ads for Advertising Success

Real Time Bidding with Big Data or Search Advertising with Keywords for Your Ad Targeting? What form of targeting do you use for your advertising Success? Real Time Bidding with Big Data or Keywords Targeting are now the two heavyweights in the world of online display advertising. Just a few short years ago Real Time Bidding with Big Data was just a buzz word that meant little to most advertising agencies and businesses. Search Advertising and Keyword Targeting Like many of you the only form of online advertising targeting I knew and understood was keywords targeting as part of Search … Continue reading

Targeting Your Competitors Customers

We would like to help you target your competitors customers.

Targeting Your Competitors Customers Have you ever thought of targeting your competitors customers? The practice of targeting competitors customers has been around since the dawn of civilization. Is Targeting Your Competitors Clients Ethical?- We have all been to a public market where there is a vendor yelling at the top of his lungs to come check out his produce or goods while you are visiting one of his competitors booths. They both have the same product but for some reason you buy from the guy with the loud mouth and he then winks at you and says thanks. What about … Continue reading