The Social Media Genius of John Oliver and #JeffWeCan #Marlboro

#JeffWeCan the Marlboro Man

The Genius of John Oliver and #JeffWeCan #JeffWeCan When I see a genius marketing stunt I stand up and applaud. John Oliver and the Last Week Tonight crew put together an eighteen minute long sting operation against the tobacco giant Phillip Morris and their Marlboro brand cigarettes. Take the time to watch the video and see why Phillip Morris deserves the beat down. Then join us in sharing #JeffWeCan all over social media. Watch the John Oliver Video Slamming #Marlboro –> Why I Love the #JeffWeCan Campaign- Like many of you I thoroughly despise Phillip Morris and the Marlboro brand. … Continue reading

Who Are Your Mentors Online, Choose Wisely My Friend?

How to choose Mentors Online

Who Are Your Mentors Online, Choose Wisely My Friend? The Path of Finding Mentors Online.- One of the most important choices we ever make in life is who we choose as a mentor. It took me over 30 years to find my business mentors. Choosing business mentors online is similar. Do you still want to be spinning your wheels looking for success a year from now? Of course not, this is why you need to find mentors online now! Since I was in my 20’s I knew that I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I used to daydream while I … Continue reading

My “Where Were You My Whole Life” Review of 3X Sellerator

Why You Need 3X Sellerator for Your marketing business.

Why You Must Have 3X Sellerator as a Marketer Today, I had the privilege of looking inside of the 3X Sellerator. If you are like me, you spend a substantial amount of time writing copy for yourself and maybe even for your clients. The process of writing a sales letter is tedious and time consuming. Personally I do not enjoy it. I would rather spend more time in my hammock! With High Impact Media Group Panama and Allegro Traffic Strategies we have traditionally outsourced to a copywriter to do our sales letters. If you have done this, you know it can … Continue reading

Content Creators and the Fear of Criticism #SocialMedia

How do You deal with the fear of criticism?

Is Fear of Criticism Holding You Back as a Content Creator? The fear of criticism is something that permeates society. This human trait has been a sledge hammer to human creativity and human ingenuity since the dawn of man. For content creators it can be a silent killer of creativity. I admit that I am not immune to fear. If you are honest with yourself, unless you are a psychopath, you deal with fear of criticism on a daily basis. You write an awesome blog post or you worked hard on your new graphic design work and in the back of … Continue reading

A Tale Of Two Giants, Google Plus vs Facebook #SocialMedia

Google Plus vs Facebook by the numbers by Randy Hilarski

Google Plus vs Facebook Over the weekend the Miss Universe pageant was broadcast around the world. Staying focused on current events we decided to promote our very own Miss Panama on social media. This leads me to a tale of two giants, Google Plus vs Facebook. Google Plus vs Facebook some Facts- Google Plus- 2.2 Billion Registered Users. 9% have posted Publicly. Everything is Free! Google Plus supports HD images and protects your image Metadata. Google Plus supports gif. Your Public Posts can be found in Google Search. Facebook- 1.3 Billion Registered Users. 57% of American Adults Use Facebook. 64% … Continue reading