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Randy Hilarski Talking about Tsu

  It is a #Tsuper day to be alive. #TsuNation is making #Tsu the most engaging #Tsutastic social network on the interwebs. #Tsu is transforming social media as we know it. We have been #Tsuckers for too #Tsucking long. So I am asking all the #Tsupermen and #Tsuperwomen to stand up and give a big #Tsu finger to the #Tsu wannabees who have #Tsuspect intentions. Lets bring the #Tsunami of interest to their #Tsu jealous doorsteps. Are you a future #Tsumazing content creator? #TsuNation is waiting for you with #Tsupersized arms wanting to give you a #Tsumo hug! Don’t worry … Continue reading

Squirrels and Pumpkins on Halloween

Squirrels and Pumpkins on Halloween

I want to wish everyone a wonderful Halloween. Have an amazing day and stay safe. Did you see these images of squirrels and pumpkins by photographer Max Ellis? Capturing this squirrels playing with the pumpkins is pure genius. It is amazing what you can do when you motivate with treats. I guess that is how I feel about the new social network Tsu.  Check out this gif I made of the images! The Original Images by Max Ellis on Bored Panda-  

Tsu is a Cultural Shift? #SocialMedia #Tsu

Tsu is not a waste of time. Join Tsu today with Randy Hilarski

As I write this blog post I am three days into this new journey online. The positive vibe surrounding Tsu is palpable. #Tsunation is lit up with anticipation and is doing everything it can to build a large and engaging network. Comparing Tsu to My Favorite Social Network- In my mind, I am drawing a comparison to the early days of Google Plus. When Google launched Google Plus they brought on many social media gurus, top photographers and pure geniuses to help promote the social network. It worked, and now Google Plus is the second largest social media network in … Continue reading

Print Ads Versus Online Ads Who Wins? #Marketing

What is the value of a print ad and the value of a online ad

Today was quite a bizarre day for my business. One of my clients called me and told me that they were going to run three ads in local newspapers. This prompted me to write an article about print ads versus online ads. As many of you know, one of the aspects to our business is online advertising. So you can imagine the horror I felt, in my gut, when my long time client mentioned that he wanted to give print a try. Let me be clear, my client is here in Panama and I do not have the targeting capabilities … Continue reading

Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation in Panama #Panama

Safaricks Zoo in Panama Now Open Caribbean Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation

  Did you know that there is an animal rescue and rehabilitation program on the Caribbean coast of the Republic of Panama? Three years ago Antonio made the decision to build an animal rescue and rehabilitation center on the Costa Arriba. The name of the Zoo is Safarick’s Zoologico. Safarick’s Zoologico is situated in the town of Maria Chiquita. The Costa Arriba area of Panama is beautiful and largely undeveloped. Most of the Caribbean coast of Panama is still tropical rain forest with the occasional human development. Due to the construction of housing developments across Panama the animals that live … Continue reading