Living in Panama Three Years and Counting #Panama

Randy Hilarski Living in Panama

Wow, time is flying by! I have been living in Panama on a continual basis for three years. Yes, I had the opportunity to be in Panama back in 1997 with the US Navy but that was not living in Panama. That was living on an American military base with many of the luxuries of home and occasionally experiencing life in Panama. I have to admit that the first three years living in Panama have not been easy. The most difficult part was and still … Continue reading

Transport Gold and Silver Internationally with Bitcoin. #Bitcoin #Travel

Use Bitcoin to transfer your precious metals internationally

  I am often asked by my fellow Gold and Silver bullion investors, “What is the best way to transport gold and silver internationally?” Technology is making our lives easier and easier! The easiest and possibly cheapest way to transport gold and silver internationally is with Bitcoin. Why Transport My Gold and Silver to a Different International Location.- Fear of government confiscation. You are moving to a different country. You want your gold and silver holdings in multiple jurisdictions. The world is constantly changing. The … Continue reading

Always Be Prepared as an Expat in Panama #Panama

Water outage in Chorrera, Panama over Easter

This last week has been quite a trying time for those of us who live in this area of Panama City, Panama. I am once again reminded to always be prepared for unforeseen circumstances. What Happened?- Last Wednesday a large feeder pipe for the Panama Oeste region located in the district capital of Chorrera, Panama was damaged. This caused a water outage for over 30,000 families including our home here in Vista Alegre, Panama. The outage lasted 70 hours. The water did not return until … Continue reading

How to Test Banner Ads for Campaign Success #PPC #Ads


  One thing that we at Allegro Traffic Strategies insist on from our clients is testing. Here I am going to show you one of the ways we test banner ads or creatives for campaign success. Last week Ralf Kaiser and I decided it was time to start sending traffic to our Allegro Traffic Strategies site for testing purposes. Currently we are building landing pages which we will direct traffic to in the future. For testing purposes we sent traffic directly to the main page … Continue reading

Top 15 Circles on Google Plus, “Reward Engagers Edition”. #Engagers #Influencers

Reward Engagers on Social Media

  Welcome to the top 15 circles on Google Plus. This week we are going to talk about how we should reward Engagers and Influencers who become part of our online conversations. Personally I have grown jaded with all the talk about high quality followers. If you would like to read my opinion on high quality followers check out the article. This week is all about how we reward Engagers. I feel your most important followers are the folks who engage with you. These Engagers, … Continue reading