A Sneak Peak Into My Marketing Tools #Aweber

The tools we use and have canceled to help our online marketing

A few weeks back I had a big decision to make. I had to look at all of the online marketing tools I use and decide what online marketing tools to discard and what to keep. Here I am going to go through what tools I kept and what I decided to discontinue. Marketing Tools I Discontinued Aweber- Aweber is an email collection and autoresponder service. There are other services similar to Aweber like Mailchimp. I paid for the Aweber service loyally since I began blogging. I have one problem, email marketing is not a focus of my business. WordPress … Continue reading

The End of Google Authorship

The End of Google Authorship

  Today when I woke up at 0630, the first message I receive is from my friend Scott Buehler. He informed me that the end of Google Authorship was official. I have to admit, that it felt like a punch in the stomach. For those who know me, I have been a huge fan of Google Authorship and of Google Plus since the beginning. When my former partner Mike Brown and I first heard of Google Authorship from AJ Kohn and Mark Traphagen we immediately followed their advice and implemented it into our marketing strategy. It helped me build a … Continue reading

How Do You Deal with Trolls and Bullies on Social Media?

Trolls and Bullies on the Internet

We have all had the unfortunate experience of dealing with unsavory types of personalities on social media. Here I am going to share with you my opinion on the matter. I really want to know, how you deal with trolls and bullies on social media personally? Knowing how to deal with trolls and bullies on social media can be the difference between success and failure online. I do want to say that I have been online for many years and  prior to that I worked in acute mental health as a nurse and as a mental health counselor. For those … Continue reading

Why Did You Call Me? The State of Communication in 2014.

What is the state of communication in 2014.

I know that title sounds so, “Randy who do you think you are?” Seriously folks this is a great question, “why did you call me?”  This question is not too far fetched and I imagine you have done the same. This is the state of communication in 2014. Let me put the story in context for you. You or I are sitting at our desk in creative thought and out of nowhere our phone rings. What is your first thought? I know what mine is and it is generally not the friendliest or something that my Momma would approve of. … Continue reading

Government Silver or Private Mint Silver?

Government coins or private mint silver bullion

I was chatting with one of the owners of GoldSeek Mint and we thought it would be interesting to run a poll to see what type of Silver bullion investors preferred? Do they like Government Silver or Private Mint Silver? Silver bullion investors are a very special bunch of people. We actually have a name for our community, “Silver Bugs”. So it made sense that I would run this poll within the, “Silver Bugs“ group on Facebook. Precious metals investing is a very personal endeavor so I will keep all names and images private. I ran this poll for five … Continue reading