Why Did You Call Me? The State of Communication in 2014.

What is the state of communication in 2014.

I know that title sounds so, “Randy who do you think you are?” Seriously folks this is a great question, “why did you call me?”  This question is not too far fetched and I imagine you have done the same. This is the state of communication in 2014. Let me put the story in context for you. You or I are sitting at our desk in creative thought and out of nowhere our phone rings. What is your first thought? I know what mine is … Continue reading

Government Silver or Private Mint Silver?

Government coins or private mint silver bullion

I was chatting with one of the owners of GoldSeek Mint and we thought it would be interesting to run a poll to see what type of Silver bullion investors preferred? Do they like Government Silver or Private Mint Silver? Silver bullion investors are a very special bunch of people. We actually have a name for our community, “Silver Bugs”. So it made sense that I would run this poll within the, “Silver Bugs“ group on Facebook. Precious metals investing is a very personal endeavor … Continue reading

How Do I Make Money While Living Overseas?

Live and work overseas

One of the most frequent questions I see online concerning moving overseas is related to income. People always ask, “how do I make money while living overseas?”  Usually the question for me is more refined and goes like this, “how do you make a living in Panama?” Types of Expatriates- Retired, do not need an extra income. Semi-retired, need an extra income. Full time workers, need a full income. Backpackers, need a small income. Government workers, no comment ;  ) Entrepreneurs, either successful or building … Continue reading

Living in Panama Three Years and Counting #Panama

Randy Hilarski Living in Panama

Wow, time is flying by! I have been living in Panama on a continual basis for three years. Yes, I had the opportunity to be in Panama back in 1997 with the US Navy but that was not living in Panama. That was living on an American military base with many of the luxuries of home and occasionally experiencing life in Panama. I have to admit that the first three years living in Panama have not been easy. The most difficult part was and still … Continue reading

Transport Gold and Silver Internationally with Bitcoin. #Bitcoin #Travel

Use Bitcoin to transfer your precious metals internationally

  I am often asked by my fellow Gold and Silver bullion investors, “What is the best way to transport gold and silver internationally?” Technology is making our lives easier and easier! The easiest and possibly cheapest way to transport gold and silver internationally is with Bitcoin. Why Transport My Gold and Silver to a Different International Location.- Fear of government confiscation. You are moving to a different country. You want your gold and silver holdings in multiple jurisdictions. The world is constantly changing. The … Continue reading