Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation in Panama #Panama

Safaricks Zoo in Panama Now Open Caribbean Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation

  Did you know that there is an animal rescue and rehabilitation program on the Caribbean coast of the Republic of Panama? Three years ago Antonio made the decision to build an animal rescue and rehabilitation center on the Costa Arriba. The name of the Zoo is Safarick’s Zoologico. Safarick’s Zoologico is situated in the town of Maria Chiquita. The Costa Arriba area of Panama is beautiful and largely undeveloped. Most of the Caribbean coast of Panama is still tropical rain forest with the occasional human development. Due to the construction of housing developments across Panama the animals that live … Continue reading

10 Steps to Building a Dynamite Online Marketing Business

Build an online marketing business by Randy Hilarski

Four years ago I began my journey as an online marketing business owner. Like many I began the journey thinking that I could do it all on my own. I am not one of those people that is afraid to say I was wrong, so here it is, “I was so wrong that it cost me thousands upon thousands of dollars”. When I began this journey it was just my former partner and I. We put a ton of trust in each other to make sure we did our jobs right. The part I was never taught was, that if … Continue reading

The Unexpected Value of Social Media Posts #SocialMedia

How much is a social media post worth, ROI by Randy Hilarski

  Last week I had the fortunate experience of being a guest on a Google Plus Hangout  with Those 4 Girls and special guest Ana Hoffman of Traffic Generation Cafe. We were talking about free traffic vs. paid traffic and the benefits of both forms. The one subject that was burning in my mind was the value of a social media post.You see the show was not about which form of traffic was better. It was about how you utilize the two to compliment each other. Forms of Free Traffic- Traffic generated by your email marketing list. Social Media Traffic … Continue reading

A Sneak Peak Into My Marketing Tools #Aweber

The tools we use and have canceled to help our online marketing

A few weeks back I had a big decision to make. I had to look at all of the online marketing tools I use and decide what online marketing tools to discard and what to keep. Here I am going to go through what tools I kept and what I decided to discontinue. Marketing Tools I Discontinued Aweber- Aweber is an email collection and autoresponder service. There are other services similar to Aweber like Mailchimp. I paid for the Aweber service loyally since I began blogging. I have one problem, email marketing is not a focus of my business. WordPress … Continue reading

The End of Google Authorship

The End of Google Authorship

  Today when I woke up at 0630, the first message I receive is from my friend Scott Buehler. He informed me that the end of Google Authorship was official. I have to admit, that it felt like a punch in the stomach. For those who know me, I have been a huge fan of Google Authorship and of Google Plus since the beginning. When my former partner Mike Brown and I first heard of Google Authorship from AJ Kohn and Mark Traphagen we immediately followed their advice and implemented it into our marketing strategy. It helped me build a … Continue reading