10 Tips For Web Professionals Living Abroad

10 Tips for Web Professionals Living Abroad in Portobelo Panama by Randy Hilarski

10 Tips for Web Professionals Living Abroad. One of the most common questions I get from fellow web professionals is, “what is it like as web professionals living abroad?” Let me tell you up front that living abroad is an amazing opportunity but it also has plenty of challenges especially for web professionals. When I started this journey four years ago I never imagined that my business would have grown as quick as it has. It seems daily that we have someone contacting us for help. Believe me there is no shortage of work for web professionals living abroad. I … Continue reading

Facebook Video Stealing Youtube Creator Content! #FB

Facebook Videos Stolen Youtube Videos

Facebook Video Stealing Youtube Creator Content! For the last week my Facebook stream has been bombarded with native Facebook video which you and I both know do not belong to the person who loaded the videos. Facebook video has taken over our streams!! People on Facebook know this and are stealing the best Youtube Creator content and loading the videos themselves. The action is termed Facebook Freebooting and it is the same as stealing. I will tell you why but first watch this amazing video by Derral Eves. Why Facebook Video Stolen from Youtube Hurts the Content Creators- Imagine you … Continue reading

Why it Made Sense to Launch VIP Panama Tours

VIP Panama Tours with High Impact Media Group Panama

Launching VIP Panama Tours Over the last 4 years Anabell Hilarski and I have been building a powerful brand here in the Republic of Panama. This brand we have built reaches far across social media. VIP Panama Tours is a perfect fit for a brand that promotes tourism in Panama. Why We Decided to Launch VIP Panama Tours.- Over the last year we gave three tour businesses the opportunity to leverage the strength of our Panama brand. We went to meetings, we traveled, we dealt with some real pieces of work. This was taxing our patience. We know we have … Continue reading

5 Reasons Why it Made Sense to Leave America

The Reasons Randy Hilarski Decided to Leave America

5 Reasons Why it Made Sense to Leave America. The most common question I tend to get as an American expat is, “Why did you leave America?” Here I hope to show you why it makes sense to leave your country. My hope is that this article will help educate and even give hope to those who are exploring a possible move abroad. It is OK if you do not agree with me. We all take different paths in life, this is mine. Why I left the USA.- There comes a time in our lives when you reflect and think … Continue reading

The Social Media Genius of John Oliver and #JeffWeCan #Marlboro

#JeffWeCan the Marlboro Man

The Genius of John Oliver and #JeffWeCan #JeffWeCan When I see a genius marketing stunt I stand up and applaud. John Oliver and the Last Week Tonight crew put together an eighteen minute long sting operation against the tobacco giant Phillip Morris and their Marlboro brand cigarettes. Take the time to watch the video and see why Phillip Morris deserves the beat down. Then join us in sharing #JeffWeCan all over social media. Watch the John Oliver Video Slamming #Marlboro –> Why I Love the #JeffWeCan Campaign- Like many of you I thoroughly despise Phillip Morris and the Marlboro brand. … Continue reading