Can You Afford to Make the International Move?

Moving to another country by Randy Hilarski

  Can You Afford to Make the International Move? #Panama Click To Tweet Back in 2010 when I was pondering the thought of giving up my life in the USA to begin an adventure in Panama the first thought that came to mind was, “how much is it going to cost to live in Panama and can I afford it”. For those of you who know me, I was leaving one way or the other, but the thought did cross my mind. Making the international move can be a nerve fraying decision. I remember multiple times prior to actually leaving … Continue reading

Panama Economy to Remain Hot in 2015 #Panama #IMF

Panama Economy Growth Predicted to be 7% in 2015 by the World Bank and the IMF

    2015 is here and the country that adopted me, Panama is once again projected to have very good economic growth. The IMF is predicting GDP growth of 6.4% while the World Bank is predicting GDP growth of 7%. If you hear projections like that it makes you think that Panama can be untouchable. The Panama economy is not alone in being predicted to have good economic growth in 2015. Here is the break down of both the IMF numbers and the World Bank numbers.-   Thank the United States!- Many equate this to the projected GDP growth of … Continue reading

Hard Work Early On, Pays Off In Social Media! #SocialMedia #CaseStudy

Randy Hilarski Social Media Momentum Like a Train.

2015 is officially here and it is time to look under the hood of our annual social media numbers. Here I am going to let you see my Google Plus numbers over the last two years. Thanks to our friends at everything that I shared publicly is open for the world to see. The main point I want to make about social media is, “The more work you put in early on using social media, the easier it gets!” Click To Tweet  This is true in almost every aspect of life. Stick to something, work hard at it and … Continue reading

Social Media Predictions 2015 #SocialMedia

THe State of Social Media in 2015

Here I discuss my social media predictions for 2015. It seems that 2014 went by in a blink of an eye. The state of social media in the past year was rather unremarkable. My business in particular was steady. We did see some shifts in social media that brought smiles to our faces. Every few years there are major shake ups in every industry. Back in the spring of 2011 my then business partner and I took a huge gamble and put all of our chips on Google Plus. Even though the company dissolved a year later I still held … Continue reading

Are You a Treasure Hunter or Online Service Provider? #Marketing

online treasure hunter or online service provider

My business partner for Allegro Traffic Strategies Ralf Kaiser and I often joke about the difference between an online treasure hunter and an online service provider. The two types of entrepreneurs work hand in hand. One can’t survive without the other. I am definitely an online service provider! As you can see from my quote, “Dig for Treasure, I will Provide the Shovels”. I make it clear that my intention is to assist those who are digging for online treasure. So what is the difference between the two types of online marketers? What is an Online Treasure Hunter- Product Sales … Continue reading