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What are Some Twitter Best Practices?

Are you using Twitter Best Practices

Have you ever looked at some of the tweets that people post and just wondered, “what were they thinking?” There are some Twitter best practices for tweet formatting. As Jeff Bullas says, “Twitter is the BullHorn of Business and News online”.

You see, just like with any other form of communication there are do’s and don’ts. Twitter communication has its own set of rules. The difference with Twitter is that the business world and everyday conversation tend to collide. If you are like me and use social media primarily as a business, I would recommend sticking to these rules.

How should a properly formatted tweet appear?

  • The first section is your compelling title. I would not use #Hashtags in this section. Keep it short like, “1000 Twitter Best Practices”
  • The second section is where I would acknowledge someone, “@RandyHilarski”. This helps you to notify the person that you tweeted about them.
  • The third section of the tweet is where I put #Hashtags. I recommend using no more than two. If you have to use more than two I suggest sending out a second tweet. If you can’t avoid it, just do not make a habit out of the practice. Stick to #HashTags that have something to do with the tweet, like for this example #Twitter and #SocialMedia
  • The Fourth section will be you URL. I shorten all of my URL’s with either or with Some people prefer to use Hootsuite or other software.
  • The fifth section would be the image URL if you are including an image in your tweet. Tweets with images have been shown to get a larger amount of ReTweets.

Remember that a Tweet is limited to 140 characters. That is not many characters, but if you format tweets properly you can a ton of information within that limit. If you want to include an image in your tweet, the image URL will also take up characters. The best way to learn to format your tweets properly is to watch how the pros do it. Practice and see what tweets get the best engagement.

What are some Twitter best practices?

  • Do not use software and Tweet in batches.
  • Disconnect your Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter. Keep business and personal accounts separated.
  • If you post using software to post, schedule at odd times. Novices post at the top of the hour, when everyone else does.
  • Use TweetDeck if you have more than one Twitter account.
  • Do not automate a thank you for following Direct Message. People wanted real engagement not automated.
  • Thank people who retweet, if you have too many make sure to favorite the retweets.
  • Engage with your followers, do not just tweet and run.

Twitter is an amazing opportunity to build your personal brand or business. Take the time to learn some twitter best practices to use it properly. If you want to see how I format my tweets make sure to watch the Youtube video.

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