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Triberr traffic to your site

We all want traffic to our site! We spend so much time writing, taking beautiful pictures making infographics that it would be such a waste if we did not have traffic to our sites. Well the days of being invisible on the web are numbered.

If you are motivated there is no excuse why you should not have traffic to your site. Today we have so many options as bloggers to have our content showcased. Thanks to bloggers like Ileane Smith of Basic Blog, Mike Allton of The Social Media Hat and Reginald Chan of ReginaldChan.Net I have learned of some great ways to have my content seen and shared.

Today my focus will be on my new favorite tool and platform, Triberr. If you are a blogger and you want traffic to your site then you need to be on Triberr. You see Triberr is a tool for bloggers to help each other share to their audiences.

Here is an example of my fellow bloggers from above using only their Twitter audience.

Ileane Smith has a Twitter audience of 6836.

Mike Allton has a Twitter audience of 9053.

Reginald Chan has a Twitter audience of 1612.

Randy Hilarski has a Twitter audience of 1948

Total Audience: 19,449 on Twitter

You see the amount of followers our tribemates have help to multiply our reach. The great thing is that tribes on Triberr are usually subject specific. So this means that the audiences of our fellow bloggers should be pretty similar to our own. Below is an image showing you the total possible reach of the tribes that I am part of on Triberr.

Traffic to your sites
Randy Hilarski Tribe Count on Triberr

Now here is how Triberr works.

  1. You write great content on your blog.
  2. You click publish.
  3. Your content will also publish to Triberr.
  4. Your tribemates will see your content.
  5. Your tribemates have the option of sharing to their audience.
  6. Your tribemates read your content.
  7. Your content is shared to Twitter and possibly Facebook, LinkedIn and GPlus.
  8. You content can also be reblogged to WordPress if you choose.

Triberr gives us the opportunity as bloggers to reach a much larger audience. The great part is that it is reciprocal. The goal is to help your fellow tribemates out. If you fail to share content then you will be kicked out of the tribe. Tribes are limited to 30 people, with free accounts, so it make sense to have people in your tribe that are contributing.

I would like to extend an invitation, to anyone who is interested, to join my new tribe on Triberr. The name of the tribe is, “A to Z Web Traffic Generators”. I am looking for tribemates who blog about PPC, Email Marketing, SEO,  and Social Media.

I also have a huge announcement for all of you. On Friday September 27, 2013 my good friend Mia Voss of, “The Mia Connect” had a very special guest on her Google Plus show, “Social Media Power Chat”. Mia and I are going to be joined by the founder of Triberr, Dino Dogan! Check out his personal blog DIYBlogger. So if you are interested in watching please join us, it should be a total blast as usual!

Here is the Google Plus Hangout with Dino Dogan of Triberr.


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