Entrepreneurs on Google Plus

Top 15 Circles on Google Plus Entrepreneurs Edition #Entrepreneurs #CircleShares #Listly

Entrepreneurs on Google Plus

The Top 15 Circles on Google Plus is here once again! This week I am going to talk about entrepreneurs on Google Plus. I listened to an amazing show by one of my favorite entrepreneurs this week. His name is Grant Cardone and his show is called, “The Cardone Zone”. Grant will rip every excuse you have ever had as an entrepreneur right out of your chest!

Entrepreneurs are a gift to humanity. I truly believe that! These are the people who bring amazing ideas to market, find answers to your greatest problems, make life easier for you and some like Grant Cardone motivate you.

There are plenty of entrepreneurs on my favorite social network. Google Plus seems to have attracted a ton of like minded forward thinkers to the platform. There are all kinds on the platform. You have the sharks, the minnows and of course the whales. Some of them are just plain unpleasant, but hey social media is a reflection of real life.

One of the hardest parts of being an entrepreneur is dealing with rejection. This is the main reason most people will never succeed at being an entrepreneur. Fear of rejection can paralyze you. For example you launch a product on Google Plus or any other platform and a so called guru tells you that you are a scammer, what do you do? This recently happened to someone I respect on Google Plus.

The worst thing you could do is cower and run away with your tail between your legs. These sharks want it all to themselves and don`t want you swimming in their ocean. As Grant says, “Grow a pair!” Your best weapon is success!

Randy, I am afraid to fail. I will let you in on a secret, “we are all scared to death!” The difference is that entrepreneurs use that fear to drive them. If we fail, we learn from it and start again.

My business is growing steadily. Overnight successes are a rarity for entrepreneurs. Keep your head down and keep going. It takes over 10,000 hours of learning and working to make it to the level of expert in a given field. Personally I am getting very close to the 10,000 hour mark since I became a full time entrepreneur. I know that the time spent learning and working will pay off greatly.

So don`t give up! I want you to succeed, and the internet needs more quality, positive entrepreneurs as role models

Now to your favorite part of the week.

“Top 15 Circles on Google Plus”

This week we have a newcomer to the top spot of #CircleCurators on Google Plus. Mario Falcetti is a regular on my weekly blog post. Finally he gets his opportunity at the top. Mario is an Italian living in Northern Italy. His #Circleshares average over 200 shares each and every time he curates a new one. So congratulations to Mario! Circle him up and make sure to ask to be part of his circle.


Here are my guidelines-

    • I must be included in the circle share.  :  )
    • The list goes back exactly one week from the article publish date.
    • I use my CircleCount Profile to find the numbers.
    • Follow the posts on Google Plus and Twitter with  #CircleCurators
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