Social Media and You by Ana and Randy Hilarski

“Social Media and You”

It is official, my EBook, “Social Media and You” is now available. “Social Media and You”, has been a labor of love for Ana and I.

I personally love what I do! Socially media is how I communicate with the world and also happens to be the way I support my family. Many of you are in a similar situation as I was when I first began my online journey. I did not have extra funds to spend on a huge Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign. I also had no idea how to build a website! What the hell was a landing page?

It is easy to get lost in all the hype that surrounds marketing on the internet. The truth is, taking a little time and educating yourself goes a long way. Free tip, being an internet marketer is like being an apprentice. You find a professional online marketer that you feel you have something in common with and you copy them. If you follow me on Google Plus or Twitter, you have no doubt who I emulate. Pay attention to what influencers I engage with on a daily basis. So choose your master online marketer carefully and copy what they do.

If you choose to read my Ebook and follow my techniques you will be pleased to know that I learned them from some of the best in the online marketing business. This has been a long but fun filled journey for me. Will I go back to working a job? That would be a resounding no! Spending my day working from home, occasionally from the hammock, enjoying a cold Panama beer, is my idea of being a lifestyle entrepreneur.

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