Optimize Images on Google Plus

Post Optimized Images to Google Plus

Optimize Images on Google Plus

Google Plus is a wonderful tool to drive traffic to your website or other social platforms. Posting images is key to engagement on Google Plus. Too often I see posts by fellow Google Plus users that are posted using the shared link feature which includes a small image. It has been proven that images drive the most engagement online. Here I show you how to post optimized images to Google Plus.

My Keys to success on Google Plus image shares include:

  1. Use engaging images.
  2. Jazz up the picture if it needs it.
  3. Image saved with hyphens between words of image title for SEO juice, which maximizes the chance to be found in image search.
  4. Catching title with asterisk on each end to make the title BOLD.
  5. Proper use of # Hashtags.
  6. Use a URL shortener like Goo.gl, bit.ly or my favorite sharedby.co
  7. Watch the video below and see how I share optimized images to Google Plus
  8. Check image to see if it has been used before, give H/T credit to a person who shared before.
  9. Give photographers credit!


  • Share to Pinterest first then take that link, shorten it and use it on the Google Plus post.
  • Share to appropriate Google Plus communities.
  • Tweet the link with an eye catching title.
  • Add the Tweet to JustRetweet and Empire Avenue for a shot of adrenaline to the post.
  • Share the post to Facebook, Tumblr, Reddit or any other preferred social profiles.
  • Circle me on Google Plus and let me know so that I can see your optimized images on Google Plus.

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