How to post on Social media by Randy Hilarski

How Do You Post on Social Media?

How to post on Social media by Randy Hilarski

Do you post and run? This is a question that I have for the supposed social media gurus and the thousands of newcomers that have come on the scene recently. I don’t have to call anyone out, because if you are guilty of the post and run tactic you know that you are guilty. How do you post on social media are you a true engager or just throwing link litter out into cyberspace?

The tools that we now have at our disposal to automate, schedule and post on social media have really brought the lazy out of people. What I like about tools is that they make a professional better. On the other hand, if you put powerful tools in the hands of the inexperienced, disaster can strike! Are you using tools properly to post on social media?

Let me give you a life example.

My first career was as a nurse. While I was at the US Navy Hospital Corp School in Chicago I learned the basics of nursing. One thing that I learned was taking a blood pressure manually with a blood pressure cuff (sphygmomanometer) and a stethoscope. You see we practiced taking a manual blood pressure for the whole time we were in school. This continued as I went to my next level of schooling.

Once I arrived at my first squadron, Patrol Squadron 26 in Brunswick Maine, I then had access to the blood pressure machines that you typically see in Doctors offices. This tool made my life easier and the ability to do my job a tad quicker. The key takeaway is that by the time I had access to the tool, I was already a pro at doing the basic technique.

Now lets bring this back to Social Media.

Personally I consider myself a journeyman when it comes to social media and online marketing. There is always something I can learn, my eyes are always scanning what my peers are doing. There are a few people I watch very closely and you should also. Pay attention to what Neil Ferree, Christine Degraff, Reg Saddler, Justin Matthew and of course Mike Allton are up to. Three years ago I was new to social media marketing and online advertising now I feel I have a pretty good grasp of it and thanks to people like the ones above I learn more daily!

So what should someone new to social media be focused on?

  1. Learn to format posts properly on each of the individual social networks.
  2. Optimize your images on your social channels.
  3. Set up your about section to the best of your ability on each social network.
  4. Build an audience organically, there is no magic way to build followers.
  5. Engage on your posts, be part of the conversation.
  6. Be friendly with your followers.
  7. Never get into an argument that escalates to calling names!
  8. Don’t be afraid to try something new.
  9. Share regularly and publicly.
  10. Freely share your peers content.
Look you are already making the Minions excited about your future posts!
Look you are already making the Minions excited about your future posts!


Now I would like to take a minute and call out some tactics that I see that really make my skin crawl.

  1. Automated posting using tools, for example 10 Tweets at 9am.
  2. Posting links with no images.
  3. Mentioning someone with nothing but a shortened url and maybe a “check this” in the Tweet.
  4. Sharing a post to 3 or more groups or communities with no intention of being part of the conversation.
  5. Profiles without a proper image.
  6. Tagging or notifying people on a post without permission.
  7. Fake profiles!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Posting a link on Google Plus solely for the SEO.
  9. Only sharing personal content.
  10. Failing to answer questions that have been posted on social media.
Bill Cosby not happy about your post on social media
Dr. Cliff Huxtable is not Happy with that post.

Be the best you Can be, this gem is from one of the funniest exchanges between Theo and Cliff on, “The Cosby Show”.


Cliff talks to Theo about trying harder.
You can do better with you social media posts. I can to!


Now I know that many of you feel the peer pressure to buy all the tools and gadgets to make posting on social media easier and faster. Do not buy into the hype! Take your time, learn what works best for you, test, test and test some more. After you have figured out what works best for you then look for tools to optimize your time online.

So learn how to post on social media properly. Find an expert in your niche that is doing social media properly and learn from them. Let them know how much you appreciate them and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Everyone starts from scratch, but nobody started at the top.

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