Online Sales Funnel

Finding the Online Sales Funnel Holy Grail

Online Sales Funnel

As online marketers we are always searching for an effective online sales funnel. The Holy Grail of online sales funnels seems to be just out of reach for many of us.

My second career was in sales. I spent many weeks in training with multiple companies learning their sales process. The one constant is the use of a sales funnel. I don’t care whether you sell online, over the phone or face to face the sales process is similar. The goal is to always have fresh leads coming into your funnel. As the leads progress in your sales funnel, they either become sales or dead leads. There is no other result!

How many people do you know who are social media guru’s that are broke? My friend Mia Voss of, “The Mia Connect” likes to say, “there are lots of popular people on social media who are broke”. The truth is that social media is one step in the online sales funnel. There are others who have amazing blogs, with an email capture system but can’t seem to drive the traffic to their sites. Then we have the folks who spend all their advertising dollars on paid search hoping to land sales without a connection to the client.

Ralf Kaiser, the founder of the Edge Ad Exchange has put together an online sales funnel. He calls it, “The 21st Century Sales Funnel”. The online sales process has traditionally been seen as three distinct opportunities, Social Media, List Building and Paid Search.

Online Sales Funnel
The 21st Century Sales Funnel

The 21st Century Sales Funnel is Broken into Four Parts.

  1. Branding- Raise awareness of your company, personal brand or product.
  2. Knowledge- Educate your potential clients.
  3. Consideration- Begin the process of converting the potential client into a sale.
  4. Sale- Target potential clients at the exact moment they are looking to purchase.

In the 21st Century Sales Funnel everything can be covered with the use of digital ads. The use of digital ads are a tool to strengthen your current sales efforts. Social Media is where the conversation and relationship building is taking place. Email marketing is where you continue to build the connection, educate and make offers. Paid search is important to help people find your service or product. Each can be used individually to bring the client all the way through the sales funnel successfully. Digital ads will just make the process more powerful and generate more highly targeted leads.

What are some ways you could use digital ads to boost your online sales funnel.

  • Inject a shot of adrenaline into your campaign with targeted digital ads.
  • Build a base of followers for a Facebook page or Google Plus community.
  • Send people to your blog posts who are interested in the subject.
  • Direct potential clients to a high converting landing page.
  • Help people find your Etsy, Ebay or Amazon stores.
  • Target people looking for a business opportunity.
  • Send Traffic to your latest Video blog post on Youtube.
  • Build an international audience.
  • Raise awareness for a subject.
  • Build a list.
  • Brand yourself in a local area.

Every online sales funnel can benefit from a continual influx of new, fresh leads. This is what digital ads can do for you. Ralf Kaiser and I have been working for over a year to bring the perfect digital ads system to the masses. The best information and digital ad space has traditionally been difficult to obtain at reasonable prices. Ralf is bringing the abilities of the big ad agencies to the small to medium size business person.

What Ralf saw was a digital ad world controlled by the programmers. It was a world that was difficult to understand. What he has done is make the digital ad space easy enough that almost anyone can plug in and be up and running within minutes, setting up a campaign. Our friend Jack Crawford calls it, “a disruptive technology”. Ralf and I both believe that this will change how entrepreneurs online and offline will be building their business in the future.

The best part is that this technology is being offered for free! The Edge Ad Exchange is the first of its kind to be offered as an affiliate program. All we ask is that people and companies use the system. You can make a very lucrative living by just promoting the affiliate system or by running ad campaigns for clients. I personally recommend that you do both.

We are looking for social media professionals, marketers, sales professionals, bloggers, SEO professionals and web design agencies. These folks will immediately have a new revenue stream to add to their business.

If you are interested in joining us on this adventure as an affiliate you can click here to go to the sign up page. If you would like to buy your digital ads at wholesale prices you can set up a DIY account click here.






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