Pick you online business teachers wisely.

My List of Online Business Teachers #Listly

Online Business Teachers

We all should be in a constant state of learning. Online business people like myself are no different. How much time do you spend each day learning from your online business teachers? We all have our favorites, while you are reading this article about my list of online business teachers, think of your favorites and make sure to add them to the list.

I began my journey as an online business professional full time about three years ago. Along the way I have met some amazing people who have taught me how to do marketing and social media right. We all start from scratch as a new pupil. I still consider myself a journeyman in this business but have found a way to support myself doing something I love along side my partner and wife Anabell Hilarski.

Do I think you have to learn from these exact people? No, you need to find the people that you feel a connection with. Everyone learns at a different pace and in different styles. If you learn well via video, do not try to learn from someone who only produces EBooks! It seems like people should be able to figure this out on their own but the education system most people were raised in has handicapped us by forcing a one size fits all policy. Break out from the linear thinking and find your own path to successful learning!

Pick you online business teachers wisely.
The Great part of learning online is that you can choose the way you want to learn.


My list of online business teachers has some guidelines-

  • Must be entrepreneurs who do work online at least part time as a way to support themselves.
  • Ease of access, these people are always open to take on new students.
  • Have a personal connection with your teachers. Do you communicate with them? Do they follow you online also. I want my teachers to at least know my name.
  • The online teachers need to have a social profile, for the list preferably a Google Plus profile.

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