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One thing that we at Allegro Traffic Strategies insist on from our clients is testing. Here I am going to show you one of the ways we test banner ads or creatives for campaign success.

Last week Ralf Kaiser and I decided it was time to start sending traffic to our Allegro Traffic Strategies site for testing purposes. Currently we are building landing pages which we will direct traffic to in the future. For testing purposes we sent traffic directly to the main page of our website.

Why Test Banner Ads?-

  1. Not all banner ads perform equally.
  2. Simple color changes and font changes can increase click-throughs substantially.
  3. Adding images can impact click-through rates on banner ads.
  4. Key phrases can enhance click-throughs.
  5. Call to action buttons on banner ads should be tested in multiple forms.

The Quiz-

Over the weekend I posted this image to my social media channels asking what banner ad everyone thought performed the best.

Performance of Banner Ads


The Judging in order of votes-

  1. The banner ad with the stock image of the woman.
  2. The banner ad in blue.
  3. The banner ad with the orange, “Click Here”.
  4. The banner ad with the red, “Find Out More”.
  5. The banner ad with the orange, “Find Out More”.
  6. The only banner ad not to get a vote was the one with the red, “More Information”.

Some Input from the Voters-

Tyger Jones- The one with the woman +Randy Hilarski… but for a different reason.

Studies of cereal boxes have proven that any character that makes eye contact from the box front increased Consumer Selection over the exact same product by 72%.

So if this holds true for cartoon characters like “Captain Crunch” and “Tony the Tiger”, then surely the gaze of a beautiful woman should at least be equal.

Chad Darroch- If it was only based on text, any ones that refer to hardware (“click here” etc.) take mental focus off the offer for a fraction of a second; I don’t remember the number by which this reportedly affects conversion rates, but it was neither large nor insignificant.

Active verbs perform better in soliciting actions, so “more information” is out..

The text from the blue one with the girl looking out and “learn more” for a CTA would be the best of the mix, I think.


The Reality will Surprise you-

Allegro Traffic Strategies Banner ad testing
Banner Ad Testing for Allegro Traffic Strategies


The Verdict-

1.  The top performer was the banner ad with the stock photo of the woman. Total click-throughs of 24. This banner garnered about 50% of the vote so the voters had it right!

Top performing banner ad

2. Now for the surprise! This banner did not even get one vote.

Banner ad testing for Allegro Traffic Strategies

Test, Test and Test some more-

In the world of online ads, testing is the name of the game. What you see here is just the first 72 hours of an ad campaign. If you are not testing, you are destined for failure. We recommend you start with at least 6-12 creatives and if you work with us we insist on it! Some of the best performing online banner ads in the world look like a pre-schooler made it, so never judge a banner ad.

Research and testing will take you far when you decide to step into banner ads.

My Offer to You-

We want your online advertising business. Currently we are not charging a management fee for 60 days. This will give us time to show you the power of research and testing. If you are already participating in Google Adwords or Facebook Ads, then give us a try, you will be pleasantly surprised.

To schedule a Google Plus Hangout or Skype call contact me at

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