Who are your influencers? Two of mine are Mia Voss and Ileane Smith

Hello My Name is Influencer! Part 3

Who are your influencers? Two of mine are Mia Voss and Ileane Smith

Each and every one of us is influenced in every aspect of our lives. Who do you surround yourself with? Who is an influencer in your life? This aspect of your life is critical especially to entrepreneurs.

Each and every day we spend time online absorbing information at breakneck speed. I have to admit that much of the information that enters my brain be it memes, videos or articles will do little to help me succeed. The key is to learn to filter and try not to get distracted. I know it is hard, but as an entrepreneur we do not have a choice.

Many of us spent time in some kind of church when growing up. There was a Sunday School song called, “O Be Careful Little Eyes”. This song really wraps up into a tidy little package the point I am trying to make. The information you take in and communicate to others can make or break you!

  • O be careful little eyes what you see.
  • O be careful little ears what you hear.
  • O be careful little hands what you do.
  • O be careful little feet where you go.
  • O be careful little mouth what you say.

Who are your influencers? What information are you ingesting daily? What information are you passing along to others? What are you letting distract you on the way to success?

Entrepreneurship can be quite a lonely endeavor, but a good supporting cast can help motivate you and keep you on the path of success and pick you up each time you fail. My wife Ana and I have the luxury of supporting each other on this journey, but we do not do this alone. We have influencers that are helping us along whether they know it or not.

This week I want to introduce two influencers to you that are having a profound effect on our life. These two women are teaching us so much about setting a positive example online.

The first influencer I want to introduce to you today is the one and only Mia Voss of, “The Mia Connect”. Mia has taken Google Plus by storm with her over the top personality and pure likability. Mia Voss is the epitome of positive vibes and the law of attraction. Check out her website, “The Mia Connect“.

It was just a little over a month ago when Mia first invited me on her Google Plus Hangout on Air show, “The Mia Connect”. Since then Mia has interviewed some of the most prominent Google Plussers like Ronnie Bincer, Dustin W. Stout, Jack Crawford, Ralf Kaiser and Jaana Nystrom.

Mia has taught me to lighten up and enjoy the online experience. Little by little the puzzle of online business is opening up to us and having Mia there to help keep Ana and I on track is pure Gold! She has truly become a friend!

The next influencer I am going to introduce you to is Ileane Smith, better known as Ms. Ileane. I met Ileane through JustReTweet, a service where bloggers help promote each others articles. Since I first bumped into Ileane a few months back my knowledge of online marketing and blogging has taken a giant leap forward. Ileane is the owner of, “Basic Blog Tips” where she is all about helping you achieve your goals with blogging.

You see Ileane is not just another blogger. She is a true influencer who literally has a tribe of other bloggers that follow her. Ileane has taught me to be everywhere. The best I can do is mirror her best actions. Recently I noticed that Ileane started a new Tribe on the site Triberr. When she sent me an invite to her, “Blogging Tribe” there was no way I was going to say no!

Over the last few days I was looking at my Twitter and wondering what was going on. I was getting twice the amount of article shares than I normally would. The best part was that the shares were coming from other influencers in my social media marketing niche! What was happening? After a few short minutes of investigation I noticed that my articles were getting shared by members of our, “Bogging Tribe” on Triberr.

I have Ileane to thank for this! It seems that every week she drops a piece of information in my lap that helps to move my business forward. If you are a blogger then you need to follow Ileane and her blog. Follow her lead and your online business will transform!

Ileane Smith an Influencer within the Blogging Community

Occasionally you meet people online that have an immediate impact on your life. These two women have had a positive influence on our life and business. We look forward to continuing to share the knowledge we learn with both Mia and Ileane. Ana and I  know they have given us enough direction already! Thank you for being positive influencers in our lives.

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