Protect your website traffic with wholesale PPC

Google Proof Your Site with Wholesale PPC

Protect your website traffic with wholesale PPC

This week we hear that Google has just launched its latest update, “Google hummingbird”. All of of the SEO Guru’s are running around trying to figure out what has changed. For us it is just another phrase that will be thrown around to put fear in your blogging soul. Instead of worrying I insure my blog traffic with wholesale PPC or Pay Per Click traffic.

For a quick refresher on traffic lets highlight the four main forms of web traffic.

Search Traffic:

First you have search traffic, which comes from search engines like Google and Bing. This is the traffic that can be affected by Google Hummingbird, Penguin, Panda or any other zoo animal. Personally I only follow basic SEO practices on my blog. I know the Guru’s think I am setting myself up for failure but it’s okay, worrying is not something I focus on.

Referral Traffic:

The next form of traffic comes via Referral. This is where I built my business. Ana and I have spent thousands of hours on social platforms building a loyal following and engaging with them on a regular basis. We write helpful content, make videos and share our peers quality content. This folks, is where I want you to spend the majority of your time.

Social Media is where you build your brand and direct high quality traffic back to your site or blog. Pick your niche and do your best to provide relevant content regularly. Have you ever followed someones page and then they disappear? Do not be that person! Be the one that people can count on. These people will become your fanatics, make sure to show them how much you appreciate them by engaging. Referral Traffic is the traffic that keeps giving!

Direct Traffic:

This form of traffic is a generic term for traffic that originates from email marketing that is not tracked, someone typing your website in the URL box, when your site is clicked on via a bookmark and can also from your offline promotion. For example you give someone a business card with your website on it, they then type the URL directly into the browser. If you want your business to be a success, you should be using any means necessary including offline marketing.

Campaign Traffic:

This form of traffic is the kind of traffic that I want to focus on for this article. Campaigns could be Facebook Ad campaigns, Google Adword campaigns Bing Ads or ads through wholesale PPC. Why are campaigns so powerful? This form of traffic is highly targeted! You are targeting people at the moment they are searching for a term or at the moment that they are going to take action. Best of all it is Google proof!

Kinds of Ads-

CPM or Cost per thousand views

  • You only pay when your ad is viewed by 1,000 highly targeted visitors.
  • Great for exposing a targeted audience to your brand.

CPC or Cost per click

  • You only pay when a highly targeted visitor clicks on your ad.
  • Ads are posted on targeted sites that you set the guidelines for.
  • Maximizes the efficiency of your advertising spend.

CPV or Cost per view

  • Only pay when a targeted visitor views your ad.
  • No need for a visitor to click on your ad.

CPI or Cost per interstitial

  • A full page ad that displays between the current and destination page.
  • Great for special offers.


  1. Lives in Seattle (Geo-Targeting)
  2. Uses Apples iOS7 (Operating System Targeting)
  3. Age 25-40 (Age Targeting)
  4. Listens to Classical Music and Travels (Channel Targeting)
  5. Likes Beethoven, Mozart, Tchaikovsky and likes Prague (Keyword Targeting)
  6. Is online between 8-10 PM (Time Targeting)
  7. Uses and (Site Targeting)
  8. Speaks English (Language Targeting)

Once you have have loaded up all the information into the campaign it is time to add a creative or make up a catchy text ad. If you decide to go with a creative we recommend that you stick with the three add sizes that garner the most attention.

  • Medium Rectangle 300X250
  • Leaderboard Banner 728X90
  • Square 250X250

Now that the campaign is loaded what happens next? The campaign needs to be approved by the AdExchange whether it is Google Adwords or buying through a wholesale PPC vendor like ourselves. There needs to be eyes on the campaign. The campaign has to be verified that it meets IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) standards. We don’t want kids possibly seeing ads on the wrong sites! This could take up to 72 hours depending on the AdExchange but is usually done within 24 hours.

Now the next part is sometimes forgotten about but is super important! When setting up campaigns you should always split test. Test multiple campaigns with different creatives and targeting. Once you have nailed down satisfactory numbers you then increase the budget of the most successful of the tested campaigns.

What are some reasons why people fail at PPC? The number one reason is that they start a campaign and just hope that people click on their ad and do the desired action. This is a recipe for failure. Successful campaigns require research. What are the best keywords for your campaign? Where do the people you want to target spend most of their time online?

A big reason campaigns fail is due to a missing component. My friend Ralf Kaiser has a formula for successful offers. It is Creative+Landing Page=Success. This may sound simplistic but it is something that is overlooked. How many people have you seen that simply send a click to their homepage? What is the call to action? What do you want the person to do. Is it to subscribe? If it is then tell them.

Now I want you to think about what you would like to accomplish with a campaign.

  • Is it to build a list?
  • Is it to purchase an affiliate offer?
  • Is it to read a blog post?
  • Is it to sign up for a webinar or Google Plus Hangout?

Whatever the desired action is, you must make it clear to the visitor. People like to know exactly what is expected of them. Guide them and you will have a more successful campaign.

Web traffic comes in many different forms. Check your Google Analytics to monitor where your traffic is coming from. Every kind of traffic is good, just make sure to keep it diversified. Relying on just one type of traffic can spell doom for a website as those who experienced Google Penguin and Panda found out.

Ana and I would like to make a special offer to you. If you would like to try a test campaign with us we would like to make you a special offer. For $20 we will set up your campaign and guarantee a minimum of 300 clicks to your blog post or offer.

What do we need from you?

  • Keyword list, I recommend a minimum of 20.
  • Creatives if you want an image.
  • If Text what would you like it to read. Title (30 Characters) Line 2 (50 Characters) Line 3 (50 Characters).
  • What subjects you would like to target.
  • Where to Target.
  • Time Targeting if desired.
  • Destination URL
  • Paypal $20 to

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