High Quality Followers on Google Plus

Top 15 Circles on Google Plus, “High Quality Followers Edition” #GooglePlus #Listly

High Quality Followers on Google Plus


High quality followers is a term that we often here on Google Plus as well as on other social media platforms. Who do you consider to be high quality followers? This week I would like to talk about this subject as I bring you the top 15 circles on Google Plus for the week of February 26th.

There is one thing I know about life and that is that information is constantly changing. Before taking any information and making it a part of your marketing plan you should really understand what you are doing. Do not just learn from one supposed guru, source your information from multiple teachers.

I hear many talking heads and bloggers discussing quality of followers. Some of them have very concrete opinions while others are more free thinking on the topic. What do you think is the definition of a high quality follower? Are you a high quality follower? Here is, in my opinion, what high quality followers are.

High Quality Followers-

  • They engage with your content.
  • They connect with you across multiple platforms.
  • They do not troll your posts.
  • You share common interests.

Now on the other hand you have people that have a very concrete view of what high quality followers are. I do not recommend following these types of people. The relationship tends to be one-sided. Have you ever felt like you support someone all of the time and get nothing in return?

Selfish Peoples View of High Quality Followers-

  • The followers buy my products or services.
  • The followers share my posts.
  • The followers have to be from specific countries or regions.
  • I follow if they follow me.
  • The follower does not have a big enough follower base for me to take them serious.

Now I know this is just a short list of the many reasons given for not wanting to follow someone. The nice thing about the internet is that when it comes down to it, you can do whatever you want. Make your personal rules, it is ok! The issue we are having is that a minority are trying to make the rules for the majority.

If you want an amazing community on any social media platform including Google Plus it takes time and dedication. Some people just don`t want to take the time to build relationships. I promise you that if you take the time to nurture relationships you will have an amazing experience online.

To get a great view of what has happened to my interaction on Google Plus since I opened my mind to having all kinds of followers, check out this Gif I made using Circlecounts, “Reactions” feature.

High Quality Followers on Google Plus


Top 15 Circles on Google Plus-

Now onto your favorite part! The top 15 circles on Google Plus. This week Paula Teshima once again claimed the top spot on my #Listly of #CircleCurators. This week brought back the #MegaBall by Michael Q Todd and the #HyperBall by Scott Buehler! I look forward to the excitement returning to the #CircleShare community.

Thank you everyone for all that you do!

Here are my guidelines-

      • I must be included in the circle share.  :  )
      • The list goes back exactly one week from the article publish date.
      • I use my CircleCount Profile to find the numbers.
      • Follow the posts on Google Plus and Twitter with  #CircleCurators


Top 15 Circles on Google Plus, "High Quality Followers Edition" #GooglePlus #Listly by
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