Google Plus Circle Shares Return on Investment

Top 15 Circles on Google Plus Return on Investment Edition January 29, 2014 #ROI #Listly

Google Plus Circle Shares Return on Investment

Once again I bring you the Top 15 circles on Google Plus. This week I also want to discuss return on investment. The subject of return on investment is something that is thrown around quite a bit on social media.

The Social Media Dilemma-

I know many of you that read my posts, use online marketing as a portion of your sales funnel. You understand the power of return on investment. As entrepreneurs we have to decide where to invest our money and time online. This is no easy task!

Return on Investment, social media experts flat broke

My friend Mia Voss often says, “Many people are super popular in social media & flat broke”. Why do you think this is? The answer is that social media is only the top portion of the sales funnel. Sure there are a few people that have accomplished building a business purely on social media, but they are exceptions, not the rule.

When I talk about return on investment, I am talking about a well rounded approach to online marketing. Have you taken the time to set up your email marketing program? Do you have a top notch targeted digital ad campaign? Do you take the time to blog, podcast or video blog so that your audience can get to know you? All of these are part of your sales funnel. You would be amazed how much easier it is to find clients or customers when you work the whole sales funnel.

Often I hear experts say that they put most of their time into social media. I personally love social media, but it is only one portion of the online sales funnel. Social media is best for building your brand recognition and educating. Check out this amazing graphic which shows the different portions of an online sales funnel.

The 21St Century Sales Funnel

Your Time is Valuable-

Often new entrepreneurs think social media is free so they spend all of their valuable time there. I want to remind you that, “Time is Money!” If you are spending ten hours per day on Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram and you still are struggling to pay your bills maybe it is time to rethink your strategy.

Learn the power of the, “21st Century Sales Funnel”. Incorporate list building into your marketing strategy. List building is a great way of gauging whether or not people want to hear more from you. Since I am a digital ads guy, I highly recommend you include digital ads as part of your marketing efforts. Check out my latest article about digital ads, “Target Digital Ads with Big Data”.

Take the time and build your business properly. Social media channels come and go, but a list is yours to keep. When it comes to return on investment, take the time to figure out how much money and time you are putting into the effort and compare that to your profits. Big business uses all kinds of algorithms to figure out their ROI. Entrepreneurs just need to know basic math, so get to it!

Top 15 Circles on Google Plus, January 28th-

Now to the star of our show, “Top 15 Circles on Google Plus”. This week we have a new star! Paula Teshima and her #Circleshare have taken the top spot. Circle shares on Google Plus are still rocking even through all of the recent controversy. People like Paula Teshima take the time to build the circle and then communicate with the people who engage with her circle share. This is a great way to build a following! #CircleCurators

 Here are my guidelines-

      • I must be included in the circle share.  :  )
      • The list goes back exactly one week from the article publish date.
      • I use my CircleCount Profile to find the numbers.
      • Follow the posts on Google Plus and Twitter with  #CircleCurators


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