Google Plus Christmas #ChristmasGiveAwayHangout

#ChristmasGiveAwayHangout 2013

The #ChristmasGiveAwayHangout is happening Monday December 23 at 9 pm. Are you going to attend? This Google Plus Christmas hangout is going to be huge! Tons of gifts to giveaway and social media secrets to learn. The guest list is incredible! Here is the link to the event to RSVP

2014 is going to be the year of Google Plus! Why not get to know some of the people who have chosen to make Google Plus the center of their social media experience? These people are all willing to teach you how to succeed on Google Plus.

This show was the brainchild of the amazing Michael Q Todd and myself. We both feel that Google Plus Hangouts are an amazing tool that is underutilized. Why not have a huge #ChristmasGiveAwayHangout to showcase the power of Google Plus Hangouts?

We will be giving away a ton of wonderful gifts on the show-

  1. Grand Prize is an Acer Chromebook 
  2. Two Memberships to Plus Mastermind by Scott Buehler and Billy Funk.
  3. The 7  Pillars Book by Michael Q Todd
  4. Google Plus Overlays or Cover Image by Anabell Hilarski
  5. $100 of Ads on the Edge AdExchange and one hour consultation with Ralf kaiser, Michael Drouillard and Randy Hilarski setting up an amazing campaign.
  6. A Set of two #BatCrapCrazy wine glasses in honor of Mia Voss by Jeff Huiras of Craft Star.
  7. An Illuminated Craft Star sign by Bethan Davies of Craft Star.
  8. 1 Million Eave Missions on Empire Avenue from Michael Q Todd, Craig Chamberlain and Chadwick Halse.
  9. Book Marketing Tools is giving away Two 1-year “Few Books” subscriptions from Book Marketing Tools valued @$600.
    Here is the link with the information from +Shawn Manaher
  10. Vemma Energy Drinks from Billy Funk.
  11. Miessence organic products from Yoriko Todd.

All Guests will be eligible for a 20% discount code to Steady Demand by Ben Fisher, code will be announced live during the show.

Gifts for the Christmas GiveAway Hangout on Google Plus Randy Hilarski

If you would like us to giveaway a gift for you to the audience, please let me know. We would love it, and I know the audience would love it also.

So Please Join us on the amazing #ChristmasGiveAwayHangout on Google Plus! We look forward to celebrating this beautiful holiday with our friends and new friends on Google Plus. Don’t forget to RSVP



Google Plus Christmas #ChristmasGiveAwayHangout by

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