The Google Plus Celebrity Red Carpet, Circle These Nine People Now.

Google Plus Celebrity Red Carpet

Are we entering the age of the Google Plus celebrity? It sure appears that way to me! It seems that every social network goes through a period when the celebrities on a platform begin to appear. It is now time for my favorite platform Google Plus to come into its own.

I wrote about how everything new goes through 3 stages. First you have the explorers, then the pioneers begin to arrive and finally the settlers are arriving. I believe we are entering the exponential growth phase for Google Plus right now. It is time to make sure your profile on Google Plus is optimized, to get the best possible exposure.

The people who do it right and make the biggest positive impact will reap the benefits of being a Google Plus celebrity. I am not talking about celebrities like we see on tv or the movies. I am talking about people who are celebrities within the Google Plus community. We are already seeing some people emerge as a genuine Google Plus celebrity.

The people I am talking about first and foremost engage in the Google Plus community. I have not seen any of these people troll a fellow user. These are people that I would not mind having a coffee with someday. Yes, coffee seems to be the unofficial drink of choice of many Google Plussers.

Like every community you will have your elitists, your trolls and the ones who will tell you that everything has to be done there way. I am not looking to give these types of people a platform.

I love the Google Plus community and embrace the international feel. Anabell Hilarski and I regularly have hangouts with people from all over the world. You don’t need a crystal ball to see that this social network is breaking the barriers of maps and bringing the world together. There is a profound opportunity for you and I to become international celebrities. The use of Google Translate within Google Plus comments has made it possible for us to have a conversation with fellow Plussers who may not speak our language.

The days of the Google Plus celebrity have arrived and I want to point out a few people that I believe will continue to stand out on the platform. These people all embody a will to succeed. They produce great content. They engage with the Google Plus community. They understand that not everyone needs to conform to a set of rigid rules. Most of all they keep their fellow Google Plus users entertained.

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  1. Mia Voss- We are all going #BatCrapCrazy for this Google Plus Starlet. Her show, “Social Media Power Chat”, is a must watch hangout every Friday. Mia keeps us entertained and helps us learn at the same time. #GetYourLearnOn
  2. Yifat Cohen- Our G+ GoToGal has been a star on Google Plus since my early days on the platform. Yifat saw an opportunity and went for it. Her energy and love for what she does come through on every episode of her show. Yifat is the one that taught me and many others the benefits of using hangouts to build a personal brand.
  3. Mike AlltonIt seemed like he came out of no where to bring us pearls of Google Plus wisdom. Mike has been writing articles that will show you how to use Google plus on a regular basis. His approach to writing has made it easy for people to understand. Recently Mike has been stepping up to the mic and showing face via Hangouts. I believe this will catapult him to Google Plus stardom.
  4. Scott BuehlerScott has been a phenomenon that few can understand. He reminds me of a rookie pitcher who comes into the league and has a 20 win season. Scott has his system and he sticks to it. I love how he disproves the naysayers and keeps crushing it with his numbers. If you want to go big on Google Plus then you need to have Scott circled and learn from him.
  5. Martin ShervingtonI have been a fan of Martin since the beginning. He has been helping people learn how to use Google Plus via hangouts and his page, “Plus Your Life“. We all know the ladies love his accent, but he is genuinely a wonderful person. Martin’s passion to teach people the value of the platform is unrivaled.
  6. Larry FournillierThe way that Chef Larry Fournillier has taken Google Plus by storm is unprecedented. He has been invited to Google to cook thanks to his hangout, “Learning How To Cook Caribbean with Larry Fournillier“. He is a perfect example of someone who creates great content and the Google Plus community took notice.
  7. Christine DegraffShe may be known as the, “#Circle Queen”, on Google Plus but Christine is not a one trick pony. She has multiple hangouts weekly. She is an example of a Google Plusser who has found a way to monetize her work on the platform. Her star is rising on Google Plus, so make sure to follow her now and learn from her along the way.
  8. Jessica NortheyI have to admit that I am a little star struck. Jessica Northey is a social media Princess. You see, she was huge on social media before she stepped on the Google Plus red carpet. Her site is where you can keep up to date on everything happening in Country music. If you need a G.R.A.S.P. on how to do social media right make sure to circle her up. #CMChat
  9. Anabell HilarskiOk, so I am a little partial to my wife. She is doing something that very few in the Spanish community are doing. You see her interview show, “Social Media Guia”, is a way for her to showcase the Spanish speaking social media gurus. Ana is the Google Plus evangelist that the Spanish community needs. Don’t count this community out, I know we see an opportunity, you should also.

What do I recommend you do with these nine Google Plus Celebrities? Circle them, learn from them, emulate them, engage them and by all means say hi!


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