Protect your intellectual property

Google Authorship for Images is Here!

Protect your intellectual property


Google Authorship is Dead! This post will stay on my site for SEO purposes.



If you are a photographer, blogger or image maker you should be cracking a smile right now. Google has just made an update to Google authorship to include images! What does this mean and why should you care?

One of the most frustrating things for photographers and image makers is theft of intellectual property. I know I have been guilty of using images without permission. I think everyone who uses social media or blogs has. The days of grabbing an image from Google Image Search to use as an image on your blog are limited.

Google introduced authorship a few years ago and I have been utilizing it since I was first introduced to it by Mark Traphagen and AJ Kohn. Every article of mine that has been published over multiple websites now includes a rich snippet of information and my Google Plus profile image in Google search results. If my article is next to another article in Google Search that lacks the rich snippet of information, which one do you think people will click on more often?

Personally I click on the links of people who have Google Plus profiles. Even better if I recognize the persons image or name from Google Plus. Which article would you click on? The article that just has a title and meta description or the one which also includes the authors photo and information including how many people have them circled. See the rich snippet below of my recent article.

Google Authorship for images now applies to Google Image Search

If you want to find out more about Google Authorship and the fabled AuthorRank I recommend you learn from Mark Traphagen. Here is a Google Plus embedded post where you can access an interview of Mark’s.


Google Authorship for Images


Now that Google Authorship for images is here, what does it look like? Here is an image of my wife that I used in an earlier article. As you can see by the top arrow the photo’s attributed authorship is Randy Hilarski. If you click on my name the link takes you to my Google Plus profile! Also I wanted to point out that Google is now letting people know that photo’s may be copyrighted as the arrow at the bottom of the image shows.

Google Authorship now here for Images
Notice my name which is a clickable link to my Google Plus profile and the message from Google saying that the image may be copyrighted.

If you are using Google Plus Authorship currently the feature should automatically be implemented. I did not have to do anything extra for it to work. If you do not have it on your site I recommend you go to Google Webmaster Tools and set it up. Now if I was a photographer or image creator this latest feature of Google would make me very happy. I for one have seen the benefits of Google Authorship when it comes to my articles. If you are still on the sidelines regarding Google Plus, hopefully Google Authorship for images will convince you to utilize the platform to its fullest extent. Google Plus is making huge changes and now that Google Authorship for images is here it may be time to give the platform a second look. Make sure to subscribe to updates from Randy Hilarski Dot Com.   For my Facebook friends, please like our company page and share from here if you would like. ; )  

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