Forget your feelings when it comes to social media

Forget Your Feelings When it Comes to #SocialMedia

Forget your feelings when it comes to social media

Every day I hear people make comments about how their favorite social media platform is better than another one. I say forget your feelings when it comes to #SocialMedia. Ok, I know you love your Google Plus, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and Empire Avenue just to name a few.

Everyone knows I spend most of my time on Google Plus, but by no means am I fully reliant on the social media platform. You see there is one thing that people forget about corporations, they do not really care about us. I always liked the saying, “If you are not the farmer, you are being farmed”. The corporation behind your favorite social media platform has one goal and that is profit.

This is why I say forget your feelings and just use the platforms for what they are, tools. A tool is something you use to better an experience or simplify a process. Each social media platform has its benefits. I heard a gentleman say, “Google Plus does not offer any benefit”. I told him that I thought it was a great platform, and it has helped me dominate Google search in #Panama. I did not go into an emotional tirade about how he is making a huge mistake by not being on the platform. Forget your feelings about social media platforms, your energy is better spent on creating content, making connections and closing deals.

You might ask, “Randy but I need to convince my friends to come to Google Plus”. Why do you have to have your friends on another platform? Why not make new friends? I have different groups of awesome people on each of the major platforms. Twitter and LinkedIn are strictly business. Facebook is where old friends, family and many of my Empire Avenue peers are. Google Plus is where my fellow tech geeks, new friends and marketing peers are.


I personally built my business on the back of social¬†media, but if I had to do it all over again I would have taken a different approach. You see ever since I started taking blogging serious a year ago, my business has grown exponentially. Dino Dogan of Triberr says, “if you do not have a blog, you do not have a voice”. When I decided to take blogging serious it was the catalyst that propelled my business forward.

So how do I use social media as a tool and take my feelings out of the equation? For me social media is about #Branding and #Knowledge or the sharing of information. It is a place to build relationships. Even though I have made sales through social media, it is not my primary goal. I rely on email, #EdgeAdExchange and #GooglePlus Hangouts to focus on business and close deals.

The 21St Century Sales Funnel forget your feelings


When I see people on social media go into emotionally charged, keyboard slapping, straight jacket wearing, anger management needing diatribes in comments I just cringe. There is better use of your emotions and time. Forget your feelings and get to work making social work for you.

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