Facebook gif caught on Camera

Facebook Gif Conspiracy Theory Caught on Camera. Proof inside!

Facebook gif caught on Camera

Now I know we were duped into thinking that Facebook supported gif back in August, but I have caught proof of the elusive creature in my Facebook stream. Somebody has figured out a Facebook gif workaround and I want to know how they did it.

Here is an example of the not quite a gif that currently can be loaded to Facebook via Giphy.


In August Mashable, CNet and a few other major tech sites reported incorrectly that Facebook gif was now available through a site called Giphy. Well, that was not quite true, you had to press play like a video to get it to work as you can see above. Personally I prefer a gif that runs in a loop automatically. Check out what I caught using Camtasia in my Facebook stream.

As you can see in the video, the gif of the penguins is operating correctly in my stream. Now if someone can tell me how it was done I would be appreciative! Here is the link to the Facebook post.

Facebook, if a programmer can figure out a workaround for Facebook gif posts, how come you do not support it on your platform?

Everyone in the social media and marketing community know that Facebook gif are not supported by the platform. This has been one of the reasons why I love Google Plus so much. The gif has made social media fun for me. Check out this post I shared via Scott Buehler on Google Plus for proof of how awesome a gif can be.

As far as the programming behind the workaround I would love it if someone let me know how it was done. For a reward, I would happily give you a spot on my Adexchange team at no cost. Our Beta launch is almost complete and believe me you want to be part of what we are doing! So please someone tell me how this Facebook gif workaround is possible.

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