Why I Dominate My Niche on Google Search

Why I Dominate My Niche on Google Search

As an internet marketer our dream is to have a monopoly over a specific search term. Well, I am going to tell you how I dominate my niche on Google Search. This is not a get traffic quick scheme, but a long term plan. The simple answer is my daily use of Google Plus for over two years.

Disclaimer: I am not an SEO Guru, I just enjoy Social Media and Google Plus is my favorite platform.

If you have used Google Plus you will see the people who link dump and fail to engage on the platform. These people are setting themselves up for failure. Would you buy a great bottle of wine, put it on your friends doorstep, knock then walkaway? I don’t think you would. I imagine you would spend time with that friend, enjoy the wine together, have a conversation, say good night and then go home.

Now lets put that conversation in context. I take an article that I write, I post it to all my social networks and then I wait for the conversation to begin. This is what I consider to be the fun part of blogging. You see, I have friends and peers on all of these social networks. Each network has a different culture, but the basics are the same. If you are a Twitter user how do you feel when someone auto-posts 15 links in a row? It is maddening right? Well, Google Plus has it’s nuances as well.

So what do my wife and I do that help us dominate Google search in our niche? Here are the essentials of a Google Plus post. Follow these guidelines and you to can dominate your niche.

  • Share your article to Google Plus shortly after publishing.
  • Make sure to put the title of the article in the text box
  • I don’t always do it, but a brief synopsis of the article in the text box.
  • Tag yourself in the text area. For example By @Randy Hilarski
  • Add 2-3 relevant #HashTags
  • Share to 1 or more relevant communities that you are Active in.
  • Use “Comments Evolved for WordPress” so that you have Google Plus Comments on your Blog. This is a great way to keep track of your comments on Facebook, Twitter, Disqus, LiveFyre and of course Google Plus.

Now that is how you share an article on Google Plus via a link. Hold on, we are not finished. That is just the first share of your article on Google Plus. Now what I am going to tell you may be frowned upon by some people, but I am more concerned with your success than the opinions of others.

I want you to go back a few hours later and reshare the article but with one big change. I want you to take your featured image of the article and post it as an image share. Then follow all the steps above. The one key difference is that your link will now be in the text area. I know, you think I am bonkers, why would a person double share?

I am not an SEO guy so I will leave that subject to experts like Joshua Berg. Joshua explains very well the reasons why you should be sharing links on Google Plus. What I do know is that images garner much more attention than text. So when you share the featured image to your blog post the opportunity that someone clicks on your link goes up accordingly.

This may seem like double the work but until Google increase the image size that accompanies link posts I will continue to double post. I recently wrote a post entitled, “Facebook Makes Link Images Larger Google Plus Stays with Thumbnails“, images are very important for engagement. I hope that Google Plus makes the move to larger image sizes soon.

I imagine you are just itching to know what niche my wife and I dominate on Google Search. Well that niche is Panama. You see, I have personally been posting about Panama on Google Plus for over two years and my wife for a year. Each week we post 3 or more images, articles or video’s concerning Panama. Like I said in the beginning, this is not a get traffic quick scheme, but a long term plan.

I am asked often, why we show up in Google search every time a search about Panama on Google is done? The answer is simple, I use Google Plus to help dominate my niche on Google Search. Google Plus Authorship is dead so we will lose this benefit.

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