The Top 10 CircleShares on Google Plus #CircleShares


I have been watching with wonder over the last year at the power of the Circleshares on Google Plus. At first I thought it was a gimmick. The father of the Circle Snowball was Justin MatthewLike many people in the beginning I hesitated to participate. Why would I want to participate in Circleshares on Google Plus?

Then something clicked, Moan Lisa and Paul Meulman began to share me in their #Circleshares on Google Plus. I saw a significant increase in followers. I know, many purists will say, “the quality of followers is low”.  I disagree greatly, these followers Plus 1, share and comment on my posts just as much as someone who follows me organically. I have to admit I missed the boat on Twitter and Facebook, but I was not going to miss this one!

So here I am a year later after I began participating in CircleShares on Google Plus. My followers have increased by 400%. My first year on Google Plus I went from 0 to a little under 10,000. Now a year later I am approaching 50,000. My goal was 40,000 by 2014! I am sold on circleshares, nothing the purists say can dissuade me from participating. Hey, if folks are using ads to increase their follower counts why can’t we have the joy of circleshares?

Now this week I am kicking off a weekly post about the top Circleshares on Google Plus. The only criteria I have is that my profile is included in the Circle. This week Michael Q Todd and his #MegaBall is kicking some serious tail! Michael sure knows how to promote a Circle. Each post I will highlight the top Circle for the past week. I use my CircleCount Profile to see the numbers of shares. I want to thank everyone who has included me in their Google Plus Circles!!


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