Top 15 Circles on Google Plus Dec 26 #CircleCurators #GooglePlus

Google Plus Circle Sharers Dec 26

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas 2013! While everyone was celebrating our die hard Google Plus Circle sharers were hard at work building your follower base. Personally I will break the 50,000 follower barrier in a few days. My goal was 40,000 in 2013 but that number was crushed thanks to all the hard work of Google Plus Circle sharers. #CircleCurators Rock!

What are some of your goals for 2013? Did you write them down? Whether it is to grow your follower base, write an Ebook, start blogging, start a business or lose some weight we all need to start the year by writing down our goals. The other important aspect of setting goals is to confide in someone. You must be accountable to someone or even better a group.

One part of setting goals, that I like, is to be unrealistic. I know you may be thinking I am nuts. Well, the verdict is still up for debate on whether I am nuts or not. Be unrealistic, speak it, push yourself to your breaking point. Being average is so boring, be extraordinary instead. People follow those who push to the limits of their abilities. If you choose to be mediocre your results will be mediocre.

So here are a few of my Goals on Google Plus for 2014-

  1. 100,000 Followers by January 1st, 2015.
  2. Give away a car on the next #ChristmasGiveAwayHangout.
  3. Increase my Engagement by 50% according to Circlecount.


So what are a few of your goals for 2014? If you have not thought about setting your goals, you should take a few hours over the next week, sit down and work them out. Success is usually the result of hard work, planning and goal setting.

So this week the circle sharers have been quite busy! I had to expand my list to the top 15 Google Plus circle sharers just to accommodate all the awesome circles that have been shared in the last week. This week Shawn Manaher and his #Coremultipliers circle took the top spot! No doubt that Michael Q Todd will double down his efforts to put his #MegaBall back on top.

Some interesting accomplishments were the success of Logan Lynn Roberts first circle and how well Plus Masterminds circle share did. It also looks like Justin Matthew is getting back into the circle sharing business. I look forward to seeing what his circle does over the next week. So enjoy the top 15 circles on Google Plus and get to sharing! Don’t forget to set your goals for 2014.

Here are my guidelines-

    • I must be included in the circle share.  :  )
    • The list goes back exactly one week from the article publish date.
    • I use my CircleCount Profile to find the numbers.
    • Follow the posts on Google Plus and Twitter with #CircleCurators
Top 15 Circles on Google Plus Dec 26 #CircleCurators #GooglePlus by

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