Top 12 Circle Shares On Google Plus Christmas Edition #Listly #CircleCurators

Circle Shares on Google Plus Christmas Edition

The Holidays are here and I have put together my list, “Top 12 Circle Shares on Google Plus Christmas Edition”. The momentum on Google Plus growth is palpable. Circle shares on Google Plus are being shared with increasing regularity. Could this be the sign that the shift to exponential growth on Google Plus is here?

A few months ago I wrote an article entitled, “Google Plus is Now Mainstream“. Google Plus passed the Explorer stage of growth over a year and a half ago. We then went into the stage of the Pioneers. These folks came in and set up the shops, making Google Plus convenient and friendly for the settlers. Now the settlers are arriving by the hundreds of thousands. This stage may last a few years. If you are serious about your online future, don’t waste another day. Get in as many circle shares on Google Plus that you can. Once the ride ends it will be too late.

We all have opportunities before us that we wish we could have been part of. Did you miss the Bitcoin explosion? How about the rise of Facebook and Twitter? This is an opportunity of a lifetime for any blogger, marketer, content creator or small business owner.  Right now the small guy has the opportunity to build a following that will let them compete with the big guys. I know my wife and I dominate Google search in Panama and the only reason we do is because we took Google Plus serious!

So I implore you to not listen to the folks who criticize circle shares on Google Plus. This is about your future on Google Plus. It is your profile or page, do with it what you want. This is the Google Plus Gold Rush, grow your following as much as you can before the momentum is lost.

Top 12 Circle Shares on Google Plus Christmas Edition-

This week once again Michael Q Todd is dominating the circle shares on Google Plus! If you want to learn how social media can be used for your benefit, then you need to watch and learn from a Master! Here is his #MegaBall if you would like to participate.

One thing that stood out this week is that Shawn Manaher appeared twice on my list of top circle shares on Google Plus. Congratulations Shawn, your doing a great job of promoting your circles! I want to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas!

Here are my guidelines-

    • I must be included in the circle share.  :  )
    • The list goes back exactly one week from the article publish date.
    • I use my CircleCount Profile to find the numbers.
    • Follow the posts on Google Plus and Twitter with #CircleCurators
Top 12 Circle Shares On Google Plus Christmas Edition #Listly #CircleCurators by

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