Top 15 Circles on Google Plus Circle Share Haters Edition #CircleCurators #GooglePlus

Google Plus Shares Haters Edition This week has been quite interesting on Google Plus. Being a big supporter of shared circles on Google Plus means that occasionally you have to deal with circle share haters. The circle share haters tend to be a mixed bag of long time SEO, Marketing and Social Media business folks. I have no problem with their opinions. Hell, I have some strong opinions about topics also. The great thing about Google Plus circle share haters is that their rules are self defined and not rules set by Google itself. You see circles shares have been part of Google Plus since day one. Many of these critics happen to have benefited greatly from these circle shares. My dumb ass did not participate in circle shares until I had been involved with the platform for almost a year then I took a break again for about 9 months. What was I thinking? In 2013 I really started to take circle shares on Google Plus serious and have quickly added 30,000 followers. My stats, shown below, blew my mind this year! Google Plus has really helped me find my voice. My wife Anabell Hilarski will continue to dominate Google Plus in #Panama for many years to come.

Randy Hilarski Google Plus Stats 2103

How I manage #Circleshares-

  • Open Circle and delete the accounts you do not want to add, then add the circle.
  • Share only if you really want to.
  • Thank the circle sharer in the comments.
  • Plus One the circle share.
  • If you choose not to add the circle that is fine, no one is going to be upset.
  • If for some reason you are spammed by a user, immediately uncircle.
  • Use Circloscope to keep your circles tidy.
  • Rinse and repeat.

So that is how I manage my circles. Circle shares are a valuable part of growing a follower base on Google Plus. This is only one technique to use on Google Plus to grow engagement. There are so many options, that is why I spend 90% of my social media platform time on Google Plus. Circle share haters are just a part of a growing Google Plus community. There are those who would like to set rules, problem is that I am a happy Anarchist! I can tell it is a New Year! There were so many circle shares this week. This week Shawn Manaher reclaimed the top spot with his circle #CoreMultipliers. We saw an icon of social media Dubie Bacino enter the circle share competition! Michael Q Todd called it when he said, “you will see the big players coming over to Google Plus in 2014″.

Here are my guidelines-

    • I must be included in the circle share.  :  )
    • The list goes back exactly one week from the article publish date.
    • I use my CircleCount Profile to find the numbers.
    • Follow the posts on Google Plus and Twitter with  #CircleCurators
Top 15 Circles on Google Plus Circle Share Haters Edition #CircleCurators #GooglePlus by

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Randy Hilarski is an entrepreneur who moved to Panama where he saw opportunity and growth. Panama has been an opportunity of a lifetime with excitement at every turn. Choosing to be an expat was an easy choice for Randy. The world is changing and he wanted to be part of it. Native of Rochester, NY he spent his first eighteen years there before deciding to join the US Navy after graduating High School. The Navy took him on an eight year journey around the world where he worked as a Corpsman/Nurse. The Navy taught him to survive in foreign lands and adapt to other cultures. After leaving the Navy he spent time in school, working in sales and working in psychiatry. Helping others has always driven Randy to learn more and more about people, culture and what drives them. Randy has lived all over the USA, in Italy and Ethiopia and while serving in the US Navy spent time in many exotic locations around the world. Some of his interests include internet marketing, writing, social media, travel, metals, investing, sustainable agriculture and culture.
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