Using Big Data to Optimize your Digital Ad Campaigns

Target Digital Ads with Big Data #BigData #ReTargeting

Using Big Data to Optimize your Digital Ad Campaigns

So you spent hours, days or weeks putting together some amazing top notch product. Maybe it is an Ebook, some thought provoking content, a handcrafted product or like me you have a service that you want the world to know about. Well now it is time to do something you dread, time to kick into marketing mode.

I know many folks just like you who love what they do, but marketing is the thorn in their side. It is that last mile of the marathon. For some, stepping out and asking for the sale is the most painful part of the process. I know it was for me. Then a few years ago I realized that if I was going to succeed in business and achieve my goals I had to get uncomfortable. So over the last few years I have taught myself that asking for the sale is part of the process and can even be enjoyable with the tools we have today.

My business partner and I suffered a pretty significant setback when Google changed its algorithm back in March 2012. I vowed that I would find an alternative to search engine marketing.

Why Online Ads are Important-

A little over a year ago I entered the world of online ads. I saw an opportunity to be part of the huge shift that is coming to online marketing. You see ads are the King of the internet. Without ads the internet would come to a screeching halt. Social platforms like Facebook and Twitter would have to charge to pay the bills. Your favorite blogs like Huffington Post, Forbes and WSJ would quickly be in trouble. Google employees would be forced to bring a brown bag for lunch.

Why is it that there is such big money in online ads? The simple answer is that they work. It gives you and I the ability to compete with big business for the attention of the consumer. Did you know that Google paid $3.1 Billion for DoubleClick back in 2008? They paid $1.65 Billion for Youtube in 2006. Guess where Google’s priorities are?

There are Three Goals of an Online Ad-

  1. Brand Awareness
  2. Bringing Quality, Targeted Traffic to Your Site
  3. Conversions (Opt-ins, Sales, Readers or Followers)

Keys to a Successful Campaign-

  • Quality Creative (Text or Image Banner)
  • Landing Page or Blog Post (Optimized for Conversion)
  • Research Your Target Demographic
  • Use Proper Tracking Codes to Calculate ROI
  • Testing, Testing, Testing

The problem I see with ads is that they are not being used properly. How many times have you seen a small business owner or online content producer send a click to the main page of their website? I cringe when I see this because I know many of them are paying top dollar for their PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns.

The Use of Big Data-

So what is a small to medium size business owner supposed to do? They can continue on the path that they are on, which may be successful, or they can step up and do what the big firms are doing. The tool of big corporations is the use of Big Data. Now you have Big Data at your finger tips without having to purchase a subscription or a membership.

Big Data is a tool that we can use to profile your ideal client. What are you currently paying to bring a client all the way through the online sales process? Is it $10, $50 or $500 or are you running ads blindly? Is there a market or niche that you want to target? Do you want to make sure you target an influencer or buyer? Big Data has sorted this information out for you, making the road to the sale less painful. Check out a few of the Big Data companies that we use to build you a perfect customer profile.

Our List of Big Data Companies-

  • Nielsen
  • BIZO
  • IAB
  • AdAdvisor
  • AcXiom

What is Retargeting?-

Once that possible client clicks on your online ad and goes to your optimized landing page what happens if they do not convert? This could be a large percentage of the people who come to your site. Now we have a tool called retargeting that will give your ad the ability to be placed repeatedly in front of the possible client. Your business no longer has to suffer from the old adage, “out of sight, out of mind”. We will continue to serve up your ad.

Can I do this Myself-

Absolutely, there are many small business people especially online business professionals who have opted to do all of their marketing in house. I imagine that you are super busy and you would not be reading this article if you wanted to do it yourself.

I Want Your Team to Help Me-

We have found that the average small business owner wants to focus on what they love, not building marketing campaigns. That is why we are now putting together custom tailored campaigns utilizing tools such as Big Data, Retargeting and reports showing your ROI. The days of throwing money to the wind are over, we want to help you target your ideal client.

The Offer-

We will take you on as a client free of charge for 60 days! You pay for your campaigns but we do all the research and build your campaigns. If you find that we exceed your expectations we will then ask for a $200 monthly retainer. We want you to be successful! Our average client spends between $500-$3500 a month on highly targeted ads.

If you have questions feel free to contact me at We have options for every level of advertiser. We want to help you achieve your online marketing goals.



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