Be Careful When Geo-Tagging Your Smart Phone Pictures!

Smart Phone Pictures

I know that most of my friends on social media use smart phone pictures. These  smart phones are beyond amazing! You can take smart phone pictures, tag your friends and then upload the pictures automatically to sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Foursquare.

This phenomenon has a drawback! Thieves and not so savory individuals can now scour the internet, find your images and find out information you probably never knew you were telling the world. You see smart phone pictures have something call geo-tagging (geographical tagging) embedded in the picture code. This has opened your life to the world. With a few simple clicks a tech novice can find out where the picture was taken.

You may think that putting every aspect of your life on the internet has no repercussions. If this is you, take a moment and think about your family and friends. Taking precautions never hurt anyone! I recommend not taking pictures of your children and geo-tagging the images at home, school or any other area you frequent. If we have learned anything about online predators is that they like to go for the low hanging fruit.

We all have been warned for years not to broadcast all over the internet that we are on vacation or just away from home. Geo-tagging has just made it easier for thieves to know that we are not home.

What are some precautions you can take:

  • Disable the GPS feature on your phone when taking pictures.
  • Do not use geo-tagging on images you post online.
  • Be Careful when using apps like Foursquare, vet your friends carefully.
  • Take pictures and upload to social media at a later time.
  • Do not use geo-tagging at home or locations you frequent often, especially if you have children.
  • Ask your friends to also disable the GPS feature on their phones.

Smart phone pictures have made our lives even easier. The ease of use and the speed at which we can broadcast our lives has made unsavory peoples career choice that much simpler to accomplish. So take some simple steps and protect yourself and your family.

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Be Careful When Geo-Tagging Your Smart Phone Pictures! by

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